HWB Chairs Blog – 29 March 2018

Chair’s Blog – 29 March 2018

This month the health and wellbeing board (HWB) was held at Langley Lodge Community centre, which backs onto the Oldbury Rep, Sandwell’s only purpose built theatre. Check what’s on here.

First on the agenda was the very important topic of Health and Social care Integration. This means that the board is making sure the Council, the N.H.S. and our other partners are doing their best to bring our health and social care services together. The board heard more about the idea of building 2 health and social care centres which would support local people who are ready to leave hospital and could include people suffering from mental health issues.

Next we heard from the Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith who is the new Chair of Sandwell’s Children’s Trust. The Trust is tasked with improving the lives of the most vulnerable young people in the Borough. HWB members agreed to support the Trust in any way possible. A good example is the setting up of a reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences steering group and we have invited the Trust to be involved.

We then heard about the innovative ‘steps to work’ programme, a Charity which helps disabled people, the long-term unemployed and other disadvantaged groups to find and stay in work.

Following an introduction by Cllr Khatun, Dr Anna Lock updated us on our ‘End of Life’ focus theme. A Borough wide conversation is needed on this subject and a steering group has been set up to facilitate this. Awareness raising sessions will be held locally, probably on a town basis. The first will be held in Jack Judge House (Library) on May 16th, 11a.m. to 12 (noon)

We then heard an update on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) – a steering group will take this agenda forward. It will be led by David Stevens with support from our colleague Chief Supt. Richard Baker.

Eddie Clarke presented the Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report. It is good to know that the recent Peer Challenge on Safeguarding recognised that Adults are safe in Sandwell and Eddie was identified as giving strong clear leadership. We thank Eddie for his work in Sandwell and wish him a long, happy and healthy retirement.

I recently attended a conference on Homelessness which placed an emphasis on the health and wellbeing of people affected by this issue. I have tasked the board with thinking more about how it can support this work.

Finally, Chief Supt. Richard Baker informed us that the Chairs of the 4 statutory boards continue to meet quarterly to identify where most value can be added to our priorities and includes the prevention of Violence and Exploitation (POVE) with an emphasis on improving communication, engagement and training opportunities for colleagues. It is hoped that we recruit a project manager to take this agenda forward.

Thank you to everyone involved in this very well attended HWB.

Any suggestions for a future venue! If so, please ring Rachel Allchurch on 0121 569 5163 or tweet us @sandwellHWBB



One thought on “HWB Chairs Blog – 29 March 2018

  1. It is extremely encouraging to see a L.A. show an interest in understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (A.C.E.s). Trauma Informed Leadership at local and national level is helping transform national and local thinking and policy, particularly in Scotland and Wales, and is growing in England. The ‘A.C.E. Aware’ agenda and movement is so relevant to Sandwell and the families and children it cares for.

    Delivering A.C.E. Aware / Trauma Informed training is part of our core business and if our services can be of help, then please get in touch. Indeed we have delivered training for staff from several Sandwell schools and their course feedback can be seen on our website. For your information we are also currently delivering our therapy services to several Sandwell families.


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